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Boys and Girls Haircuts and Baby's First Haircut

Here at Tornambe’s Hairstyling, we are parents, aunts, and uncles. We understand how difficult it can be to give young boys and girls haircuts. It is an unnerving experience to have a person, they don’t know, with a scissors, snipping and clippers buzzing all around them. Let’s be honest, it could be scary at any age. So, we get why it’s important to provide a fun and warming environment for them. We make sure that all children are comfortable and have a chance to settle in before starting. We encourage them to ask questions and let us know what they want their hair to look like (Don’t worry  moms, we will make sure to ask you before any Mohawks are given!) We look to make this experience fun and enjoyable for the whole family!

Babies first hair cut is always free! This includes a First Haircut Certificate and a lock of hair as a keep sake!!

Child receiving a haircut in Audubon, PA
Child receiving a haircut in Audubon, PA

“I’ve been going here over 50 years. Anthony gave both my son and my son’s son their first haircuts. Great place!”

– Gary M.

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